South Australia: hear it, touch it, see it to believe it



“After months of lockdowns and border closures in Australia, we had become accustomed to the same four walls within our homes and the only new experiences had been limited to those on our screens.
Our senses had been deprived and it was time to wake them up. These edits are driven by a soundscape of experiences in South Australia to showcase what you can hear, touch, see and taste in South Australia.”

Country Australia
South Australian Tourism Commission
TBWAAdelaide and The Institute of Post Production
Agency TBWAAdelaide
Goals of the film

South Australia is a place that you have to be here to really experience, so the role of the film was to deliver a small piece of that deeper immersive experience to people’s screens. We wanted viewers to take notice, consider South Australia as a holiday destination and head to our website to start planning their holiday to South Australia.

Target Group

“We usually target experience seekers In our key markets of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane – the adventurous type, those that are willing to go a little further in the spirit of discovery, but in this case, everyone was an experience seeker, so we went broad – 25–54 year olds across Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth and Tasmania. And with travel restrictions extended in Melbourne, we produced an edit specifically for our closest neighbours, telling them “”Hey Melbourne, when the time is right, we’ll be ready.”
“We held back marketing to individual States until border restrictions were released, so a responsive media strategy was key.”

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