The Algarve looks good on you

The Algarve region is a poem yet written, a word left spoken, a long-awaited moment that passed by in a bliss … The Algarve is a place where you forever want to be and a place that you never want to leave … The Algarve is love, and if you´re in love, you’re happy, and nothings looks better than happiness …
The Algarve looks good on you.

Goals of the film Target Group

After the global confinement caused by the Covid-19 World Pandemic, people we’re afraid to travel.
The main purpose of this video was to remember the tourists (not only in Portugal, but around the globe) that the Algarve is a safe, comfortable and happy destination, where people could relax and forget their problems.
This video was filmed on several places of the Algarve, showing not only it’s wonderful sight’s but also everything that this destination can provide to everyone who wants to visit us.

This campaign of the Algarve Tourism Board wanted to motivate tourists around the world to get to know the Algarve and enjoy the best vacation after the 2020 confinement, reassuring the security and confidence on this touristic destination, reminding them the reasons why the region still suits them all. Through the signature «The Algarve looks good on you!», the video left a special message as a reaction to the Covid-19 outbreak, with a young couple sharing their happiness of returning to Algarve, revisiting wonderful places where so many people around the world have been happy before.

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  • Production type

    Promotional Film

  • Client

    Algarve Tourism Board

  • Production company

    New Light Pictures

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