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The Green Big Week



Ornithologist Ponç Feliu has accepted the challenge of travelling around Catalonia in a week without using fossil fuel sources to observe and record resident and migratory birds. How many species of birds will he be able to see? Will he set a new record for the continent? What travelling companions will join him along a route that will show us the natural wealth of our territory?
Catalonia is one of the most important ornithological destinations in southern Europe and we want to rediscover it through the expert and respectful eyes of Ponç. From bird to bird, walking, cycling or rowing, in a challenge never seen before in Europe, we will be rediscovering our country through the Green Big Week.

Country Spain
Jordi Gatell Menchén
Estudi Cordegat / TURURUT
Agency N/A
Goals of the film

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Target Group

Catalonia is one of the most important ornithological destinations in southern Europe. From the Mediterranean coast to the high Pyrenean mountains, passing through the great agricultural plains of the west and the river basins that cross the territory, it has a diversity of natural habitats that facilitate the observation of a great variety of bird species, both migratory and resident. A wealth of ecosystems that is maintained in a delicate coexistence between humanised spaces and the natural environment.

But a territory is nothing without its people. The people are the place and the place its people. For Ponç, birdwatching is a way of getting to know better the respectful link between man and Nature. The Green Big Week will allow us to meet the people of the territory who care for it; farmers, livestock breeders, local birdwatchers, businessmen who ensure that their activity is integrated and respectful of the environment or conservationist organisations. They are all very aware of the climate emergency that is affecting us and could endanger the natural wealth that surrounds us.

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