The Guardian of Naturia

Country | Portugal
Production Type | Promotional Films
Client | Pampilhosa da Serra Municipality
Production Company | Ideias com Pernas
Agency | Ideias com Pernas


There is a place where Nature is found in its most primordial, authentic form. In Pampilhosa da Serra, between the hills and a magical mist, we can see Naturia. As the legend goes, such place is protected by a spirit created from the natural elements that has been, for centuries, the guardian of this sacred temple. “The Guardian of Naturia” tells the story of a hidden treasure of Nature, that only the purest of heart can see.


The main goal of the film is to promote Pampilhosa da Serra and the Nature Tourism of this Municipality in the center of Portugal. In other words we want the people who see the film to understand how incredibly beautiful and mystical this place of preservation of nature is.


“This film is targeted at everyone who is interested in traveling, knowing different
places, who is a nature lover and dreamer, and whoever wishes to be amazed.”


Photos available soon.
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