The Neverending Tourists (Series)


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Cape Town and the Western Cape has space. Lots of it. Our cities are less crowded than their counterparts in Europe and the United States. Our towns more open. And in between, there are beaches, mountains, vineyards, forests, and even deserts.

But we offer so much more than just wide open spaces. There’s the experience of what it feels like to be here. The eating. The drinking. The people. The adventure. The sun.

All of which come together to offer the perfect antidote to a locked down Europe and US. And an antidote to the year that was 2020/2021 – a year of uncertainty, anxiety, stress and fear.

People need to feel good again.

The Neverending Tourists are the people that come to Cape Town on holiday, ​they fall in love with the Western Cape, and they never leave. ​By being here for as long as they have, they get under the skin of the destination, uncovering the best of it,​ but more specifically the hidden gems to be enjoyed​. This makes them the best spokespeople to rally their fellow countrymen to discover Cape Town and the Western Cape.​

Our Neverending Tourists series is comprised of three films featuring German and Dutch, UK, and US ex-pats, respectively, exploring the destination. The aforementioned regions are Cape Town and the Western Cape’s top tourism source markets.

Country South Africa
Agency King James
Goals of the film

Get potential international visitors in the specified markets (Germany and Netherlands, United Kingdom, and the United States of America), to put Cape Town and the Western Cape at the top of their travel bucket list for their next holiday​, by demonstrating how our region is the perfect antidote to lockdown life.

We position the territory of Cape Town and Western Cape as a destination for overall wellness, creating and owning a distinctive campaign message platform with the Neverending Tourists and ‘Get in a good space’ campaign message.

Target Group

Each film features ex-pats, fondly called ‘The Neverending Tourists’, of the country we’re targeting:

Video 1: German and Dutch tourists
Video 2: UK tourists
Video 3: US tourists

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