Tortosa, a lifetime to come a second to fall in love



Is it possible to imagine a city with every possible service, but with the peace and quiet of a village on the banks of the Ebro river? Is it possible to choose a dynamic, cultural life with numerous festivals, but at the same time choose to escape to unbelievably serene natural spaces? Is it possible to visit one of Catalonia’s most important buildings while feeling like you are miles from civilisation?
Yes, it is possible: this is Tortosa.
An open city, colorful, magic, cradle of cultures, exquisite, active, lively and friendly. Tortosa is history heartbeats at every corner where you will discover a city which is marked by the Ebro River, in the heart of Terres de l’Ebre, Bisophere Reserve.

Country Spain
Tortosa City Council
Agency N/A
Goals of the film

Families who wish to spend a good time together in a human scale city which they can enjoy slowly, not only culture but natural environment and outdoors activities, like cycling.

Target Group

Discover a city which is very near (in this case from Barcelona) but unknown by the most part of their inhabitants. They don’t have in mind come to our city but once they discover, they fall in love.
Show a wide vision of the city, main resources and strenghts (river, heritage, culture activities, natural environment, gastronomy).
Create a positive feeling toward the city and generate a desire to know it.
Engage the audience with the good feelings of the video.
The importance of an all family experience. Memories which all members will share forever.

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