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“̈Spain is Part of You ̈ was filmed in 25 cities in over 50 locations all over Spain with 500 international actors. This campaign consists of four audiovisual pieces of varying lengths where ten cultural and idiomatic adaptations were made. Specific versions were adapted for foreign markets such as the Chinese, Indian and Middle Eastern markets. The others were oriented at different European segments such as
cosmopolitan youth, family and senior.
Visually there are 600 creative pieces for gastronomy, art and culture, urban tourism, sailing, golf, grand events, and for the first time Halal tourism. “

Goals of the film Target Group

The General Director of TourSpain explained that the basic objectives are that the campaign is relevant, with segmentation of personalized messages, credible, transmits the reality of Spanish tourism and that is reflects the diversity that Spain has to offer, as well as it ́s strengths.

“Spain wants to continue to attract international tourists in order to accomplish this they prepared a marketing plan with the slogan ̈Spain is Part of You ̈ (España es parte de ti ̈). The objective is to renew the way Spain appears to the outside world to give it a more cosmopolitan look focusing on quality, unique experiences, and diversity as reasons to visit Spain. The estimated global audience of this campaign is over 500 million people. Interested in targeting prosperous potiental visiters that can not only afford the flight over but several trips with an affinity for high-level gastronomy, shopping, art and culture. The idea is that ̈ It doesn’t matter where you come from. Once you discover Spain, a part of it remains with you forever.
Spain is part of you. ̈ This phrase is meant to encourage tourists to take multiple trips, as visiting Spain will become a habit that you can never get enough of.”

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    Promotional Film

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    Ministerio de Turismo de España

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    Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Spain

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