1_Travel deeper - Etna and Alcantara Valley

Travel deeper – Etna and Alcantara Valley

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Etna and the Alcantara Valley in Sicily – Your slow tourism adventure in Sicily
Visitors are invited to explore Mount Etna, one of the most active volcanoes in the world, and the Alcantara Valley, that borders the Etna on the North. Get to know the area in depth while connecting with local people. Meaningful experiences in which the visitor meets people who have a deep knowledge of the area, a strong sense of place and offer an immersion into local culture and wild nature of the volcano and the river.

Country Italy
Emotional Sicily
Emotional Sicily
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Goals of the film

The promo video TRAVEL DEEPER was created thanks to the support of ENI CBC MED programme, MED PEARSL project. The aim of the project is promoting the Mediterranean as a unique destination. Etna and Alcantara valley was selected as one of the pilot areas in Italy where to implement this project. So the goal is on one hand to connect the different pilot areas around the Mediterranean and to create cross-border itineraries. On the other hand, the goal is to give visibility to less travelled areas thanks to the slow tourism packages that allow the travellers to explore the area.

Target Group

The target is the traveller that is willing to meet the locals, connecting genuinely with their culture and is open to cultural immersion. This is a specific target, people sensitive to the concepts of sustainability, respect for the environment and social impact. We see travel as a force for good, with the aim of giving back to local communities.

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