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Tu me acostumbraste

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“Official video of madrid city council to promote gay pride. It is a tribute to the thousand
private and public struggles to get to be as you feel and love in freedom. The song that has inspired
this story is a popular bolero by Frank Cuesta that became the secret anthem of the gay community
in Latin America. To tell these stories we have counted on representatives of the LGTB communities.
We hope that “”Tú me acostumbraste”” contributes to tolerance, coexistence, respect and that they
know that in Madrid there is a lot of Pride and we welcome them with a hug.”

Country Spain
Madrid City Council
Madrid Destino
Agency N.A.
Goals of the film

Diversity, tolerance, respect, visibility, love, freedom, pride.

Target Group

All Targets

Fax: +43 (1) 505 53 7
Mob: +43 (1) 505 53 3719
Email: [email protected]

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