Two Deaf Travellers

Two young Deaf filmmakers document the challenges and discoveries that they come across on a journey.
Two Deaf travellers discover three different countries, exploring their cultures and national identities. Their task is to face the challenges of independent travel without any BSL interpretation.
They will identify communication issues and access barriers; they desire to travel beyond their comfort zones and to be able to tackle any travelling issues they encounter.
Made by Raabia Hussain and William Horsefield, working with David Ellington and Louis Neethling.

Goals of the film Target Group

To improve the accessibility for Deaf travellers such as communications issue, language barriers and challenges. I believe this is an opportunity to open up the tourism film world. To gain a better understanding through the visual and to able to improve the service.

Two Deaf Travellers is a unique travel video representing diversity, disability and cultures.
Two Deaf Travellers gives an honest portrayal of Deaf travellers – wholesome enjoyments, environmental accountability, dedication to find the way to overcome the challenges possible — and the quality and truth of the travelling issues they encounter.
The wider audience that various people have a different perspective on disabled people where they think they can’t travel due to their disabilities. Remain faithful to the audience by telling a true story that embraces their challenges and provides a valuable experience to its audience. That’s what makes a successful piece of content marketing.

  • Country

    United Kingdom

  • Production type

    Promotional Films

  • Client

    BSL Zone

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