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In the video we see a man riding a horse that it reminds the famous movie hero Indiana Jones. The protagonist advances through different natural landscapes while he says that he has returned to tell us that he was wrong, the holy grail could never be made of wood. As he advances on his way through different locations of the Holy Grail Route, the rider reveals small details about the relic, his history and the journey it made from Jerusalem. After a long journey, the protagonist arrives to Valencia passing through the medieval gate and reaches the cathedral where he can finally see the Holy Grail with his own eyes.

Country Spain
Fundación Visit València de la Comunitat Valenciana
Goals of the film

We want to create a new audiovisual story to help to position Valencia as a Cultural and pilgrimage destination in the national market and the priorities in Europe. The main goal of the video is to promote the second jubilee year of the Holy Grail and explain that the relic is located in Valencia and has endorsement by the Holy See.
From Visit València we want to promote this tourist resource from the broadest possible approach, going beyond the religious sphere to attract visitors also from its historical, cultural and symbolic perspective. The Holy Grail Route contains positive and universal values, the relic itself is a symbol of the union between cultures (Jewish, Christian and Muslim). We would like that the Holy Grail Route becomes a successful pilgrimage route like “El Camino de Santiago”.

Target Group

Prescribers, journalists and potential visitors interested in religious and pilgrimage tourism and tourists with cultural motivations. The route of the holy grail can be a tool for self-knowledge allowing to disconnect from routine and connecting with culture and nature.

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