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“Visit Beja at your leisure” is the challenge that the Municipality of Beja continues to launch for the discovery of its territory, now with a new video that tells stories within a story: the idea that we can discover Beja for several days. As summer approaches, storyteller and comedian Jorge Serafim sets out to explore Beja with his friend Manuel, revealing much of what Beja has to offer. And Beja truly has a lot to offer. Serafim and Manuel demonstrate how, taking their time to fully appreciate the little bits of magic that surround us, but which we often overlook. In the same vein, we challenge visitors to explore a wide range of unique, sustainable and authentic travel proposals, making up for a new idea of tourism away from the usual crowded destinations. Take your time to watch this video, and share it with those who have left Beja, as well as with those who will one day be able to visit us. Beja will be here to welcome you.

Country Portugal
Municipio de Beja
Municipio de Beja
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Goals of the film

The purpose of this film is to showcase Beja and its surroundings as an attractive destination for travelers seeking new experiences. While many municipalities have the same intention, this video offers a unique glimpse into the unique stories waiting to be uncovered in Beja. Comedian and storyteller Jorge Serafim sets out to explore Beja with his friend Manuel, showcasing the city’s innovative and distinctive offerings from a fresh and engaging perspective. With their help, we hope to convey the simplicity and ease that can be found in Beja’s territory, highlighting the unique charm and hidden gems waiting to be discovered. By showing the best of Beja, we aim to inspire more people to visit and experience the magic of our special place.

Target Group

This film aims to capture the attention of tourists and travelers seeking new destinations and experiences, particularly those interested in exploring the unique culture, history, and natural beauty of Beja. It’s perfect for those who prefer a relaxed and slow-paced travel experience, as our video highlights the importance of taking time to fully appreciate the surroundings.

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