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What does La Palma taste like?

You can travel to a destination or you can travel around the memories of a destination. You can taste the food or you can you can immerse yourself in each ingredient, in the hands, in the earth. La Palma is a trip, is a taste, is a culture, is a lifestyle.

Goals of the film Target Group

“What does La Palma taste like?” pretends to connect the lifestyle of producers (farmers, fishermen, etc.) with the travelers lifestyle. Recognizing the tradition in a gastronomy and the work of producers is our focus in order to stimulate a more respectful and fulfilling way of traveling.

Corious and passionate travelers, over 25-30 years old, who enjoy knowing the small details of their destination.

  • Country


  • Production type

    Promotional Film

  • Client

    Sociedad de promoción y desarrollo económico de la isla de La Palma, S.A.U. - Cabildo de La Palma

  • Production company

    Papaya Naranja

  • Agency

    Mr Humboldt Creative Content


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