The Circuit

The Grand Prix CIFFT Circuit is the most prestigious awards and recognition initiative in Travel and Tourism Industry Marketing Video. With 18 festival members, the GP CIFFT Circuit it is the exclusive competition to the video marketing for the Travel and Tourism industry, spanning 16 countries and 18 cities.

From New York, Cannes, Riga, Deauville, Baku, Los Angeles, Zagreb, Berlin, Warsaw, Spain, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, South Africa, Portugal, Japan to Vienna.

Who can join!

The GP CIFFT Circuit is open to all entities or persons who own or have produced a tourism film or travel video marketing. The competition is open to public and private entities such as:

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Airlines
  • Cruise Lines
  • Destinations
  • Digital Agencies
  • DMO’s (Destination Management organizations)
  • Hotels, Resorts, Hospitality Companies
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Municipalities
  • OTAs
  • PR Agencies
  • Tourism Associations
  • Tourism Boards
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Production Companies
  • Others…

Each festival in the circuit has its own set of rules, but only tourism films or travel videos produced or released within the last 2 years will be accepted in the competition.

How to Join?

To compete for the Grand Prix CIFFT Circuit you have two options:

Do it yourself by visiting the website of each of the 18 festivlas of the Circuit to register and submit your film. Be sure to watch out for deadlines and avoid missing any any of them.

Do it with through CIFFT. We do the hard work for you! How?  Simple, go to our entry tool, choose the right CIFFT Full Entry Service Package for your tourism film or travel video, fill in our entry form and we will register and distribute your film through the CIFFT Circuit Festivals.
After one single registration you can relax and wait for our award notificationss. Also you can easely check your private account to confirm the status and updates of your film in the competition.

After signing up your films you are immediately running for the World´s Best Tourism Film & Video Awards of the year.

The Competition!

Only tourism films produced or released within the last 2 years will be accepted. The thematic categories accepted for the World’s Best Tourism Films competition are:

Tourism Destinations Cities – Promotional videos dedicated to the exclusive promotion of a city.;
Tourism Destinations Regions – Promotional videos dedicated to the exclusive promotion of a region.;
Tourism Destinations Countries – Promotional videos dedicated to the exclusive promotion of a country.;
Tourism Products – Promotional videos dedicated to the promotion of a tourism product: Cultural Tourism; Gastronomic Tourism; Sustainable Tourism; Shopping Tourism; Health and Wellness Tourism; MICE; Rural Tourism; etc …;
Tourism Services – Promotional videos dedicated to the promotion of a tourist service: Hospitality; Transportation; Know How / Technology; Catering / Catering; Incentives, Meetings and Congresses; etc …;
Independent Travel Videos -Videos about Cities, Regions and Countries Produced by Independent filmmakers, Video Bloggers and Travel Tv Reportages;

At the end of the year, in Vienna, the Top 3 films in each thematic ranking list will be awarded with the title of the “World´s Best Tourism Films” of the year. The Grand Prix as the World Best Tourism Film will be decided by a panel of International Jurors.

Winning awards at the member festivals of the GP CIFFT Circuit, gives points to your film and position in the CIFFT Rank List, that will determine the TOP of the World’s Best Tourism Films in each category.

Take a look to the Past Winners!

1 Entry = 2 competitions!

The films submitted through the CIFFT Full Entry Service Package for the GP CIFFT Circuit will run for an additional competition: the CIFFT “People´s Choice” Award, a online consumer-oriented campaign aimed to let people discover new tourism destinations through video and vote for their favourite.

CIFFT develope materials (Videos, GIFs, Banners,etc) in different languages for each film in the competition.