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by Hugo Marcos on 11 January 2021

Hidden in Chile’s North Patagonia, the Futangue Park is a destination of wild and untouched nature. This nature reserve, situated at the foot of the Andes and near the most beautiful lakes of Chile, is a refuge for biodiversity and keeps preserved treasures of an ancient prehistoric world.

Every year, Futangue Park receives people interested in exploring nature, play different types of sports, or simply relax. But, for the first time, the Futangue Hotel & Spa decided to create a promotional video that introduced visitors to the unique experiences that this masterpiece of nature offers.

The result could not be more surprising. Through breathtaking landscapes and an exciting message, the video “Discover Parque Futangue” stimulates curiosity and the desire to explore this mystical place.

According to Matías Ruiz-Tagle, general manager of Futangue Park, “the target of the video was high-end travelers, looking for pristine nature destinations, far away from crowds. Luxury nowadays is to go where nobody else has gone and seen extraordinary things. There are still secret places on earth where you can get immersed in nature and enjoy in a way that is no longer possible in mainstream destinations”, explained.

The concept of Luxury Tourism is no longer about very expensive and ostentatious trips. Today is much more related to the authenticity of a tourist destination and the unique experiences that the visitor will appreciate.

In the promotional video, Futangue Park took advantage of the storytelling as a powerful tool in conveying the value of the destination. “Storytelling in the soul of a travel video. The world is full of beautiful destinations, but the story behind each place allows you to tell what makes that place unique”, said Matías Ruiz-Tagle.

The exceptional quality of “Discover Parque Futangue” is highlighted by the international awards achieved at the Grand Prix CIFFT Circuit 2020, a competition that brings together the World's Best Tourism Film Festivals.

The Golden City Gate (ITB), New York Festivals, ITFF Bulgaria, Terres Travel Festival, Istanbul Tourism Film Festival, US International Film & Video Festival, Deauville Green Awards, Silafest and ART & TUR International Film Festival are the stages are stages where “Discover Parque Futangue” was awarded. The video also achieved the 3rd place as the World’s Best Tourism Film in the Tourism Product category.

Watch now “Discover Parque Futangue”

The creative process of “Discover Parque Futangue”

Interview with Matías Ruiz-Tagle, general manager of Futangue Park

  1. What challenges did you intend to overcome with the video Discover Parque Futangue?

Selecting the scenes from a great variety of attractions, feelings, landscapes, and activities, knowing that the video would be just a few minutes long 

  1. What's the purpose of the video?

To show the untouched nature of Northern Patagonia, specifically our private nature reserve, Futangue Park, in a way the audience could feel the adventure and the magic of this place.

  1. What is the key message of Discover Parque Futangue?

That there are still secret places on earth where you can get immersed yourself in nature and enjoy it in a way that is no longer possible in mainstream destinations.

  1. Was this video part of a campaign?

The video was not part of a particular campaign, rather a tool to show our location to important clients like tour operators and travel designers, who are actively selling Patagonia and are eager to hear about new locations.

Interview with Denis Arqueros, director and producer of Chronos Cinema Film Company

  1. How was the production process of Discover Parque Futangue?

The production took about a year, of which most of the time was dedicated to the development of the idea and the script. We shoot for about 15 days divided into 3 seasons: spring, summer, and autumn. Also, before filming, it was necessary to carry out a scouting trip to prepare the logistics of the shooting, this was also vital for the research and development of the final idea.

  1. What were the main challenges during the film production?

Probably the biggest challenge was discovering the park, not only the hundreds of places that are in it, but really getting to understand what this place it’s all about. It was an intense experience but also a tremendous adventure. No doubt this was also the best part of making the film.

  1. What were the goals for Discover Parque Futangue?

 We set out to make a video in which the protagonist was the experience of exploring, of discovering. 

  1. What would you say is the key to good storytelling to promote the assets and attractions of a tourism destination using Video?

I think the key is research, immerse yourself in their history, meet the people, live the experience. Do interviews, talk, and form a tangible image of what the place is.

  1. What do you think there is the video's role in this current situation?

 Videos have the potential to connect with people and keep them interested. They are powerful tools and can be central to a good communication strategy. The role of video has become vital because it not only serves to deliver a large amount of information in a short time but also has the expressive power that few media have. I can't think of other media that can represent experiences in the way that a video can.


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