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New York Festivals Storytellers Gala 2024
Tourism Videos Shine at the New York Festivals TV & Film Awards 2024
New York, USA - April 16, 2024 - The New York Festivals® TV & Film Awards announced this year's winners at the Storytellers Gala virtual event on April 16th. Tourism...
Trevor Noah CIFFT Circuit
How Brand Ambassadors Drive Destination Promotion
In such a competitive market as Tourism, destinations worldwide are constantly seeking innovative ways to capture the attention of travelers and stand out from the crowd. One strategy that has...
Terres CHECK-IN International Hospitality Film Festival
Entries are open for the Terres CHECK-IN International Hospitality Film Festival
Platja d'Aro (Spain), April 4th, 2024. Registration for the Terres CHECK-IN International Hospitality Film Festival is officially open. Professionals from the hospitality and creative industries are encouraged to showcase their...
ART&TUR celebrates its 17th edition in Lousã
The Centro Portugal Film Commission announced that the 17th edition of ART&TUR - International Tourism Film Festival, one of the most recognized tourism film festivals globally, will take place in...
06 Article
Japan World’s Tourism Film Festival Sets the Stage for the CIFFT Circuit 2024
Akan, Japan, March 15th, 2024 - The Japan World's Tourism Film Festival officially announced this year's results, marking the beginning of the CIFFT Circuit 2024, the most prestigious competition worldwide...
04 Blog
Inside the CIFFT Circuit, the most prestigious competition for tourism videos
The World Tourism Film Awards is a truly global celebration of the tourism industry's best ads, promotional videos, and campaigns. The awards are determined through the CIFFT Circuit, a competition...
02 Blog
CIFFT Circuit 2024: Global Competition for Tourism Videos Accepting Entries
The world's most prestigious competition for tourism advertising, promotional, and social media videos is open for entries. The CIFFT Circuit brings international tourism and corporate film festivals together in an...
Storytelling x Storyliving
Storytelling vs. Storyliving in Tourism Videos
Tourism is a sector that thrives on stories. With advancements in technology, the narrative canvas has expanded. The most successful brands are the ones that not only tell their stories...
World's Best Tourism Films Trophy
Five facts about the World Tourism Film Awards trophy
The World Tourism Film Awards is undoubtedly the highest achievement in the tourism audiovisual industry. At the culmination of the CIFFT Circuit, a competition that gathers international corporate and tourism...
The State of Video Marketing 2024
The State of Video Marketing 2024: Insights for the Tourism Industry
Video has emerged as the most effective and engaging form of content, being at the top of users' preferences and retaining their attention for longer. It is part of the...

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