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The International Committee of Tourism film Festivals (CIFFT) was created in 1989 in Vienna, to recognize, reward and celebrate excellence in the Travel Video Marketing Industry.


Nowadays, CIFFT is the most prestigious awards and recognition initiative in Travel Video Marketing Industry. With 18 festival members, the Grand Prix CIFFT Circuit it is the exclusive competition to the video marketing for the Travel and Tourism industry, spanning 16 countries and 18 cities. From New York, Cannes, Riga, Deauville, Baku, Los Angeles, Zagreb, Berlin, Warsaw, Spain, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, South Africa, Portugal, Japan to Vienna.


Winning awards at the member festivals of the Grand Prix CIFFT Circuit, gives points to the CIFFT Rank List that will determine the World’s Best Tourism Films in 6 different Categories: Tourism Destinations – Cities, Regions and Countries, Tourism Products, Tourism Services and Independent Travel Videos. At the end of the year a stylish Award Ceremony, in Vienna, the Top 3 films in each thematic ranking list will be awarded according their position in the rank (1st, 2nd and 3rd prize) as the “Best Tourism Films” of the year. The Grand Prix as the World Best Tourism Film will be decided by a panel of International Jurors.


Each member of Grand Prix CIFFT Circuit offers the best networking opportunities in the tourism, marketing and audio-visual industry. Representatives of official tourism organizations, marketers, influencers, filmmakers, creative directors, international journalists and media representatives attend.

Since 1989, the CIFFT network goals are:
Promote and Distribute films through its members;
Give support and consulting to new members and candidates;
Coordinate the dates of the events of the Members and candidates festivals;
Promote excellence in audiovisual tourism promotion and reward and recognize the best films produced to promote a destination or a tourism product.

The CIFFT is engaged to:
To cover as many destinations and creatives as possible and to continue to reward the best tourism audiovisual works;
Create an international network of tourism film festivals in order to harmonize and coordinate the activities;
Realize audiovisual events and activities in order to contribute to the growth of a culture between members, professionals, audience and clients;
Reinforce the agreement reached and extend the joint communication with the aim of increasing the visibility, importance and recognition.



Lee Gluckman Jr.

CIFFT President


Alexander V. Kammel

CIFFT Director

Hugo Marcos

Hugo Marcos

CIFFT General Secretariat

CIFFT Member Festivals


Deauville Green Awards
Deauville, France


Warsaw, Poland


New York Festivals
New York, USA


Veliko Gradiste, Serbia


Zagreb TourFilm Festival
Zagreb, Croatia

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