Five facts about the World Tourism Film Awards trophy
by CIFFT on 05 February 2024

The World Tourism Film Awards is undoubtedly the highest achievement in the tourism audiovisual industry. At the culmination of the CIFFT Circuit, a competition that gathers international corporate and tourism film festivals, the most awarded tourism advertisements and campaigns in the top 5 of the CIFFT Rankings are celebrated as the World's Best Tourism Films.

The award for the best tourism videos has been presented by the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals (CIFFT) since 1989, reflecting the evolution of the audiovisual and tourism industries while driving the industry forward. The iconic trophy, a symbol of excellence, has some captivating facts behind it.

Trophy CIFFT

1. Crafted in Portugal

Each World Tourism Film Awards trophy is meticulously handcrafted by Domingos Guedes, a renowned Portuguese goldsmith responsible for major trophies in Portuguese and international competitions. His craftsmanship extends to other artisanal objects in gold and silver, exported to destinations like the Vatican, Sweden, England, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, and the United States.

2. A handmade process

The trophies are handcrafted, with the majority of the process being artisanal. Every detail passes through the hands of various craftsmen in Domingos Guedes' atelier. The trophy's base is hand-molded and subsequently receives the clapperboard-shaped plate. The globe is soldered, polished, and fixed to the structure. Maps are cut and hand-fixed to each trophy. The plane on top is handmade, polished, and then soldered to the trophy. In the end, they undergo final finishes. The handmade process, where every detail is carefully shaped, polished, and fixed, ensures that despite their visual similarity, each piece is a singular work of art.

3. Each trophy takes about two days to be produced

Once all the details of the trophy have been prepared in advance, assembling a trophy and finishing it can take about two days. Just like the winning videos, each trophy tells a unique story of precision and dedication.

4. Noble materials

The trophies are handcrafted with noble materials, including gold or silver plating. Varying in size and color based on the award's position, the first place receives a golden trophy, while silver trophies are awarded to the second and third places. The fourth and fifth places also receive silver trophies of distinct sizes.

5. Not the original trophy

In 2022, the World Tourism Film Awards trophy underwent a redesign. Departing from its original glass composition, the need arose for a more imposing symbol that could convey excellence, honor, and the global essence of the award. The new trophy was designed by the Portuguese designer Nuno Martins, an assistant professor at the School of Design (ESD) of IPCA. He has already developed projects for important institutions, such as the Portuguese Football Federation and the Portuguese Professional Football League. He has several awards in graphic design and web design. Some of its projects are in international design books.

Earn your trophy

The prestigious globe-shaped awards have been presented at the World Tourism Film Awards in Valencia, Spain for the 2022 and 2023 editions. If you want to participate in the CIFFT Circuit and compete for one of these trophies, submit your audiovisual production now.

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