Inside the CIFFT Circuit, the most prestigious competition for tourism videos
by CIFFT on 12 March 2024
Inside the CIFFT Circuit, the most prestigious competition for tourism videos
by CIFFT on 12 March 2024

The World Tourism Film Awards is a truly global celebration of the tourism industry’s best ads, promotional videos, and campaigns. The awards are determined through the CIFFT Circuit, a competition that spans tourism and corporate film festivals across Europe, Asia, and America.

More than 3000 audiovisual productions from over 100 countries participate in the CIFFT Circuit annually to achieve the coveted trophies of the World's Best Tourism Films.

The CIFFT Rankings gather the most awarded tourism advertising and campaigns, providing a valuable benchmarking source for the industry and defining the winners of the World Tourism Film Awards.

At the end of the CIFFT Circuit, the top five videos in each thematic category of the CIFFT Rankings, City, Region, and Country promotion, Tourism Products, and Tourism Services, will be awarded as the World’s Best Tourism Films.

Past winners include globally recognized entities such as Switzerland Tourism, Qatar Tourism, Madrid Destino, Business Iceland, Lithuania Travel, Uganda Tourism Board, and Tourism Australia, among others.

Beyond the awards, the CIFFT Circuit fosters an environment of collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Festivals serve as platforms for industry professionals to exchange insights, discuss trends, and showcase best practices, enriching the global tourism community.

It is a platform where creativity converges with industry expertise, fostering a culture of excellence and driving the industry forward.

Stage by Stage: The CIFFT Circuit 2024 Journey
Winners JWTFF 2023

Japan World’s Tourism Film Festival
Akan Hokkaido, Japan
13 - 15 March, 2024

The Japan World Tourism Film Festival is an exclusive event in Asia that recognizes exceptional tourism films from Japan, other Asian countries, and worldwide. This year, the festival is being held in Akan, Hokkaido, to highlight the significance of videos in promoting and developing Japan's tourism sector.

New York Festivals  TV & Film Awards
Las Vegas, USA
16 April, 2024

New York Festivals TV & Film Awards celebrates groundbreaking storytelling and honors the rich diversity of content created by today's visionary storytellers for global audiences across all viewing platforms. Since 1957, the competition has celebrated excellence and innovation across all genres, keeping pace with industry-wide developments and global trends.

Marc Bryan-Brown Photografy / NYF
Wien - Die Preisverleihung der 27. Internationalen Wirtschaftsfilmtage fand am 19. Mai 2016 in der Wirtschaftskammer Österreich statt und hieß mehr als 130 Filmemacher, Produzenten, Auftraggeber, Marketingfachleute und Wirtschaftsprofis willkommen.

Internationale Wirtschaftsfilmtage
Vienna, Austria
May, 2024

The “Internationale Wirtschaftsfilmtage” has been held since 1962 and is a founder member of the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals. It is the oldest festival for corporate films in German-speaking countries. The festival features a category for tourism videos and offers participants not only an excellent platform for dialogue but also the opportunity to submit their best audiovisual productions for competition for the prestigious Victoria Trophies

US International Awards
Los Angeles, USA
June, 2024

The US International Awards are a renowned platform celebrating exceptional creative branded videos. The inaugural competition in 1968 marked the beginning of the awards' robust journey, and with a recent rebranding, the US International Awards represent prestige, legitimacy, and contemporary significance. On top of that, we all know that Los Angeles with Hollywood is connected with film. Thus, winning an award in Los Angeles has a certain appeal and adds to the overall experience. ”, said Marlene Marcher, festival manager.

Los Angeles
Guided Tour Silafest 2022
SILKFEST - International Tour & Eco Film Festival
Banostor, Serbia
6 - 8 September, 2024

The ambition of SILKFEST, a festival focused on sustainable and tourism productions, is to become an ever-present and highly rated milestone for all filmmakers worldwide, based on the quality of films, the objectiveness of the jury, presence in the media, and a professional approach to organizing the festival and its related events.

Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards
Cannes, France
September, 2024

Established in 2010, the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards have experienced continuous growth, evolving into one of the premier festivals dedicated to corporate media and documentaries. Securing a Dolphin Trophy at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards in the tourism film category not only serves as a prestigious endorsement, but also generates significant publicity and recognition for the respective region, city, or country. The Awards Days in Cannes offer great networking opportunities, lectures, an online media library, where visitors can watch all entered productions, and of course the awards ceremony in a scenic location directly on the beach.”, said Nina Strasser, festival manager.

Cannes Trophy
Terres Travel Festival 2023
Terres Travel Festival
Tortosa, Spain
19 - 20 September, 2024

Undoubtly, fourism film festivals are lighthouses that help companies and filmmakers to find new ways to achieve excellence. At Terres Travel Festival, we try to do our best to provide the best networking opportunities for the professionals who attend our festival. Year after yer we analyze exhaustly the different events that configure our festival and try to improve every single element.”, said Santi Valldepérez, festival director.

Zagreb TourFilm Festival
Zagreb, Croacia
9 -12 October, 2024

The Zagreb TourFilm Festival celebrates films and audiovisual works that promote diverse aspects of tourism. It serves as an educational platform for industry professionals, equipping them with skills to target specific demographics and adapt to evolving trends. Additionally, it inspires the next generation to consider careers in tourism, shaping the future of travel and hospitality.

Winners Zagreb TourFilm Festival 2022
ART&TUR Blog 2
ART&TUR International Tourism Film Festival
Lousã, Portugal
22 – 25 October, 2024

The ART&TUR Festival has emerged as a premier platform for sharing compelling travel experiences, garnering widespread international acclaim. This recognition is owed to its consistent commitment to showcasing a diverse array of high-quality films each year. These films not only captivate audiences with their storytelling prowess but also offer a unique lens through which to explore the richness and diversity of global tourism.

Amorgos Tourism Film Festival
Amorgos, Greece
14 -19 November, 2024

At Amorgos Film Festival, we pride ourselves on being a standout event for filmmakers and representatives from the tourism industry due to our unique blend of cinematic excellence and cultural immersion. Our festival not only showcases exceptional films from around the world but also offers networking opportunities with industry professionals and discussions on the intersection of film and tourism. We believe in the power of film to inspire travel and exploration, and our festival serves as a catalyst for fostering connections between the film industry and the tourism sector.”, said Irene Giannakopoulos, festival director.

Amorgos Tourism Film Festival
The final stage: World Tourism Film Awards
Valencia, Spain
November, 2024

Each year, filmmakers, industry leaders, and tourism enthusiasts gather in Valencia to celebrate the power of visual storytelling in promoting global travel and cultural exchange. Against the backdrop of Valencia's rich architectural heritage, the World Tourism Film Awards showcase the best of the best, honoring the most captivating advertising and campaigns within the tourism industry.

Through the CIFFT Circuit and the World Tourism Film Awards, industry professionals from all over the world converge to showcase their talent and innovation. In the end, the competition is much more than winning awards - it's about forging connections, fostering dialogue, and, ultimately, driving positive change in the global tourism industry.


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