Statement Mr. Boško Savković, Serbia
by CIFFT on 06 June 2023
Mr. Bosko Savković
Mr. Boško Savković, Journalist, Director of Silafest and co-chair of the EU-Serbia Joint Consultative Committee (JCC).

We express our profound concern regarding the recent events unfolding in Serbia, specifically the arrest of Mr. Boško Savković, the director of the Silafest festival and co-chair of the EU-Serbia Joint Consultative Committee (JCC), after the peaceful protests in Belgrade on June 4th.

Although we are firmly against any form of speech that incites violence, it is crucial to uphold the freedom of assembly and freedom of expression for all citizens, guaranteed in the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia.

Throughout our years of collaboration with Mr. Boško Savković in the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals, of which Silafest Festival is an official member, we have had the opportunity of witnessing his professionalism, character, and ethical conduct.

Considering the principles of democracy and human rights that form the foundation of a progressive and inclusive society, we strongly condemn the detention of Mr. Boško Savković, and we urge the Serbian authorities to undertake an investigation into this matter with utmost diligence for his immediate release.

The International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals:

- Alexander V. Kammel, CIFFT Director (Austria)
- Hugo Marcos, CIFFT General Secretary (Portugal)
- Francisco Dias, Director of the ART&TUR International Tourism Film Festival (Portugal)|
- Santi Valldepérez, Director of the Terres Travel Festival (Spain)
- Spomenka Saraga, Director of the Zagreb Tourfilm Festival (Croatia)
- Marlene Marcher, Manager of the US International Awards (USA)
- Tsuyoshi Kigawa, Director of the Japan World’s Tourism Film Festival (Japan)
- Irene Giannakopoulos, Director of the Amorgos International Tourism Film Festival (Greece)


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