From Idea to Reality: Love Rias Baixas
by CIFFT on 14 August 2023
From Idea to Reality: Love Rias Baixas
by CIFFT on 14 August 2023

Through a delicate interplay of visuals and storytelling, the promotional video "Love Rias Baixas. A love story with the province of Pontevedra", aims to capture the intangible charm of the region that makes visitors fall in love and want to stay.

The video, produced by Esmerarte Industrias Creativas for Turismo Rias Baixas - Diputación De Pontevedra, showcases the power of genuine experiences in evoking emotions, featuring real people from various parts of the world who have fallen in love with this captivating destination.

In authentic interviews that showcase an intense connection to Rias Baixas, these individuals share their deep motivations and talk about how the province's rich heritage, vibrant culture, delicious food and wine, peaceful way of life, and friendly locals all come together to make Rias Baixas a place that leaves a lasting impression on one's heart.

In this case study, we delve into the creative process and artistic vision behind the "Love Rias Baixas” video.

Watch now Love Rias Baixas. A love story with the province of Pontevedra
From Idea To Reality – The Creative Process 

The Rías Baixas are historically a very cosmopolitan territory, open to the world through the sea. It is natural for us to be a receiving destination for people from all parts of the world, since the Bronze Age.

On the other hand, we have all had at some time, during a trip, that feeling of being so comfortable in a place that you don't want to leave, and the possibility of staying even crosses your mind. I think that, in the Rías Baixas, it happens to a lot of people. The inhabitants of the province of Pontevedra are welcoming people, great hosts who make you feel at home.

We wanted the people who chose the province of Pontevedra as their home to tell us their reasons for doing so in an interview format with a branded, advertising approach.

The Goals and Strategies

Why are you going to invent an advertising fiction, when reality is so powerful? We decided to cast real people: expatriates, immigrants, travelers who became permanent residents because they fell in love with the Rías Baixas and decided to stay. They gave us exciting, moving stories with all the power of reality. And that was the goal: to excite an audience that seeks to connect with the places they travel to, that wants to live the local experience and discover the character of its people.

It makes no sense to target a resort audience, which is looking for a beach without interruptions, for example. We appeal to the traveler who seeks genuine emotions and unique destinations.

As part of the strategy, in the casting, we selected individuals who were actually "in love" with the main tourist assets of the province: sailing, the Camino de Santiago, gastronomy, enology, and wine routes, nature... That was the most laborious but also the most effective part when it came to segmenting the creatives in the media campaign.

Love Rias Baixas a love story with the province os Pontevedra3
The Challenges

Working with protagonists who are not actors is always tricky. You have to have a certain sensitivity and empathy to make them appear relaxed and natural, despite the fact that most of them had never been in front of a camera before. We opted to record the speech "off", off camera, to achieve greater intimacy and naturalness.

The Results

As a result, at the content level, the protagonists of the campaign were true ambassadors in a natural way, because they saw their story told honestly. And it is very exciting to see how these people, who are not from here, defend our territory and value it so much. I think that also made the more local audience get excited about the video as well.

“The Rías Baixas brand would not have the notoriety and depth for which it is distinguished today if it were not for the video. It allows us to narrate a complex, diverse and complete story, with the greatest scope and efficiency.”


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