From Idea to Reality: Eco Lodges Japan in Yukiguni
by Hugo Marcos on 21 August 2023
From Idea to Reality: Eco Lodges Japan in Yukiguni
by Hugo Marcos on 21 August 2023

The captivating promotional video “Eco Lodges Japan in Yukiguni”, produced by N37 Inc. for the Snow Country Tourism Zone in Japan, aims not to dazzle viewers with opulent accommodations or extravagant experiences but rather to communicate a profound philosophy that lies at the heart of their ecolodge project.

Rooted in an unwavering commitment to environmental conservation and local sustainability, the video conveys a timeless vision – "Ensuring there is a Snow Country 100 years from now."

For more than a decade, the dedicated team behind this initiative has fervently pursued its mission, striving to harmonize hospitality with nature and culture. In an era where sustainable tourism is gaining momentum, the message they seek to impart transcends transient trends, leaving a lasting impression on all who watch.

Through this video, they aim to illuminate the transformative potential of responsible accommodation and its role in rejuvenating both the local culture and the environment.

As we delve into the creative process behind the promotional video, we begin to unravel the delicate balance between preserving tradition and embracing the future.

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From Idea To Reality – The Creative Process 

The initial idea was to create a video that blends documentary and promotion by layering beautiful footage of the natural landscape of the snow country and eco-lodges with interviews of their owners. We picked three unique eco-lodges, each with its own personality, and set interview themes for each of them: "Architecture," "Food Culture," and "Energy." Through this approach, we intend to communicate the philosophy of "Ensuring there is a Snow Country 100 years from now" in a multifaceted manner.

While winter in the snow country is bustling with skiers, the three owners graciously accepted our interview request, even during such a busy season. We aimed to create a relaxed atmosphere to allow for natural conversation, where the owners could speak in their own words during the interviews.

The Goals and Strategies

In recent years, I feel that conveying brand values has become increasingly important in brand communication. Therefore, I have considered creating a video to convey our brand philosophy, "Ensuring there is a Snow Country 100 years from now." This video intends to prioritize narrative over story and convey our philosophy through the words of three owners. The narrative emphasizes individuality and brings the nuances of dialogue with the listener. We believe that such an approach is suitable for expressing our values.

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The Challenges

The words spoken in the interviews are the most crucial element in this video's expression. However, unlike pre-written narration, in the case of interviews, we cannot anticipate the words spoken. We must be flexible and adapt to the situation. Of course, we had envisioned the video's structure before beginning production, but we needed to rethink the composition multiple times to match the episodes that emerged during the interviews. Additionally, the interview footage was over 30 minutes long, and we agonized over which words to cut. The most challenging part was summarizing the content each owner wanted to convey without compromising it while keeping the length engaging.

The Results

We conducted a short-term video campaign targeting affluent individuals in Southeast Asia who are interested in Japan and achieved a high-efficiency CPV. It was also effective as a tool for B2B market development and received high praise from travel agencies. We believe that this video is a timeless expression that is not influenced by trends, so we intend to use it for a long time to come.

This video won awards at international film festivals in Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Japan, and was ranked 2nd in the Tourism Services category of the CIFFT Top of the World's Best Tourism Videos 2022.

After going through the pandemic, travelers have become increasingly interested in sustainability and contributing to local communities. They also seek to expand their own perspectives and knowledge through authentic cultural experiences. In other words, they are not only looking for experiences but also seeking meaning. We believe that video is the most suitable medium to convey such "meaning of travel," and its importance will only continue to grow in the future.” Ken Fujino, Creative Director of N37 inc.


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