Zagreb Tourfilm Festival Celebrates the Best in Tourism Videos in the Heart of Croatia
by CIFFT on 09 October 2023

Zagreb, Croatia, 6th October 2023 – The 12th edition of the Zagreb Tourfilm Festival took place between October 4th and 6th in the heart of Croatia. This year's festival showcased and awarded remarkable tourism productions, bringing together talent and creativity from diverse corners of the globe.

Productions from ten different countries were honored for their exceptional quality, showcasing the power of film to inspire and promote tourism worldwide. The video "Bielsko-Biała – a city always for people" from Poland emerged as the triumphant winner, receiving the prestigious Grand Prix of this year’s edition.

Produced by TLVIDEO Tomasz Walczak for the Bielsko-Biała City Hall, the production also received 1st place in the Tourism Destination City Category. "Istanbul is The New Cool" from Turkiye secured 2nd place, and "Madrid is Chulo" from Spain received 3rd place in the same category.

In the Tourism Destination Region category, "Go Türkiye. Regions" from Turkiye captivated the jury, taking home the 1st place award. Spain also made a strong presence in this category with "The islands that extend life" securing the 2nd place, followed by "The journey of your life" in 3rd place.

The Tourism Destination Country category witnessed Switzerland's "No Drama" receiving the coveted 1st place award, while Turkiye's "Go Türkiye, Go to Nature" and Qatar's "Feel More in Qatar" took home the 2nd and 3rdplace, respectively.

In the Tourism Products Category, Spain's "Delicious València. Eternal and seasonal" stood out as the 1stplace, while "Catalonia is appetising" also from Spain secured the 2nd place and "Marselha - a Marseille Legend" from France received the 3rd place.

Further, in the Tourism Services Category, France's "The Light," secured the 1st place, followed by Denmark's "Fly & Feel the Rush of Historic Places" in 2nd place and Portugal's "Our story in every bottle" in 3rd place.

In the documentary category, the top honorees were "Slovenia Green" from Slovenia, taking the 1st place for its captivating portrayal of sustainability, followed by the imaginative "The Lost Flavor (Mockumentary)" from Peru in 2nd place, and Serbia's vibrant "LALA Festival 2022" in 3rd place.

Zagreb Tourfilm Festival 2023

Winners Zagreb Tourfilm Festival 2023

During the festival’s days, attendees had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the charm of Croatia's capital. The festival program included an opening ceremony at the traditional Kaptol Boutique Cinema & Bar, film screenings of the videos in competition, city tours, and a visit to the Museum of Illusions in Zagreb. The activities fostered creativity and knowledge sharing among industry professionals.

The Zagreb Tourfilm Festival is an official member of the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals (CIFFT). As part of this esteemed network, the festival's winners received points for the CIFFT Rankings, which determine the World's Best Tourism Videos of the year.

About CIFFT:

The International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals (CIFFT) is a globally recognized platform dedicated to promoting excellence in tourism-related audiovisual content. Through its innovative initiatives, CIFFT aims to celebrate the creativity and effectiveness of tourism campaigns, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange within the industry.

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