Acting For Cannes, Acting For You

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The professionals of the Cannes Convention Bureau become actors for one day and play great well-known movie scenes with a lot of self-derision. Hence, Cannes becomes the shooting location of most famous scenes from successful movies such as Psychose, James Bond, Titanic, The Full Monty, Flash Super Hero or Charriots of fire. Cannes is a dream movie set that gives new life to iconic scenes!

Country France
SEMEC Palais Des Festivals Et Des Congres De Cannes
SEMEC Palais Des Festivals Et Des Congres De Cannes
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Goals of the film

The objective of the video is to present Cannes as a MICE destination and its dedicated Cannes Convention Bureau team. The message is clearly announced: Acting for Cannes, Acting for You! All the actors of the Cannes Convention Bureau are 100% involved to help you build your event and make it a success. In Cannes, professionalism, cohesion and expertise go together with availability, sympathy and humor!

Target Group

Professional event organisers

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Email: [email protected]

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