Alentejo and Ribatejo Caminhos de Santiago



Journeying on the Caminhos de Santiago Alentejo e Ribatejo is a promise of adventure, of unexpected discoveries, of a history preserved in people’s memories, a story that unfurls at every stop. Journeying on the Caminhos is to relive that history in the traces that the passing of time failed to erase, it is making the traveller a witness to a narrative revealed in its tangible and intangible heritage, in its lands, towns and curiosities, its cuisine, peoples and customs, those that have gone and those that continue to be, and who by taking part are unable to resist the enchantments revealed along the way. The Caminhos de Santiago Alentejo e Ribatejo cross two very distinct territories (Alentejo and Ribatejo): different in their customs and traditions, in the way their peoples live, in the colours of their landscapes and the experiences they offer. Although they may differ, they share a distinctive genuineness that makes them unique and differentiates them from all others that help define the country’s borders. To travel these Caminhos is to enjoy all their charms at nature’s pace.

Country Portugal
Turismo do Alentejo, ERT
Zoe Films Europe
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Goals of the film

Apart from being the main audiovisual content to promote the Caminhos de Santiago Alentejo and Ribatejo product, this video also intends to promote the Alentejo and Ribatejo region as a tourism destination, by advertising its authenticity, its culture, heritage, history, traditions, nature, food and wine, but also its innovation potential. It speaks to all potential tourists, national and international, but especially to those who are driven by emotional and spiritual reasons to engage in such a journey, or to those who are looking for new challenges to overcome themselves.

Target Group

All potential tourists, national and international but especially pilgrims; spiritual/emotional tourists;
adventure tourists and all those seeking new challenges; nature-driven tourists; fitness tourists; culture and heritage-driven tourists.

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