Grand Train Tour of Switzerland: The Ride of a Lifetime

Grand Train Tour of Switzerland: The Ride of a Lifetime



To promote our touring offer – the Grand Trian Tour of Switzerland – we’re inviting our target audience to join tennis legend and Switzerland Tourism ambassador Roger Federer and his co-star Trevor Noah on an adventure that promises to be extraordinary, even if you’re doing it by chance. Things get off to a good start until the pair board a regular train rather than a specially prepared carriage. What follows is a delightful escapade full of heartwarming interactions and breathtaking scenery, proving that in Switzerland you’re never on the wrong train.

Country Switzerland
Switzerland Tourism
TUNA production AG
Agency WIRZ Group
Goals of the film

Our main objective was to raise international awareness of Switzerland as an attractive travel destination, highlighting in particular the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland. The campaign exceeded its ambitious targets, generating an impressive 1.6 billion contacts. We also wanted to increase the visibility of our touring product through a global competition on The campaign achieved tangible success with a remarkable 59% increase in demand for the Swiss Travel Pass over the course of the campaign.

Target Group

We have strategically identified key markets with a profound affinity for rail travel, specifically targeting the US, India, Korea, Southeast Asia, Greater China, the UK, Germany, Japan, Italy and France. These regions were selected for their significant potential and pre-existing interest in the appeal of Switzerland. We focused on a younger target group and attraction tourers.

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