Grândola, Swarthy Town

Country | Portugal
Production Type | Promotional Film
Client | Câmara Municipal de Grândola
Production Company | Ideias com Pernas
Agency | Info Portugal


“Grândola is a Portuguese coastal village in the Alentejo region, district of Setúbal, that will always be connected to the song “Grândola, Vila Morena”, by José Afonso, and to the values of Freedom, Democracy and Solidarity. On April 25th, 1974, that song was broadcast on national radio as a code for the start of the Revolution that ended the long lasting dictatorship in the country.

This film uses the lyrics of a song usually associated with political purposes, and adapts it to the modern Municipality of Grândola. With a fresher musical arrangement, it draws a singular parallel between the lyrics and Grândola as a tourist destination of excellence.

With more than 40km of amazing beaches with golden sand and crystalline water, Grândola is surrounded by rich natural and built heritage. By archeological stations, mining shafts and monuments that evoke the Revolution. By fraternal and welcoming people, delicious food and beautiful crafts, and by unique fairs and traditions.”


The goal of the film is to promote Grândola as an attractive Municipality to visit, either as a traveling destination or as a place to live.


This film is targeted at everyone who is interested in traveling, knowing different places and whoever wishes to be amazed.


Photos available soon.
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