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Made of granite and schist, the Historic Villages retain stories of conquests and ancient traditions and dazzle by its landscapes, heritage and friendliness of the people who inhabit them. Standing at the top of mountains, they stand out from far away with its high towers of its Medieval Castles.
That is why they are strategically aligned along the border. Kings and Nobles knew they could sleep more peacefully. They were wrong sometimes. Moors and Christians, Castilians and Portuguese, they all tried to take them for themselves and that is why each one has a very old story or legend to tell. Nowadays they are peaceful and keep the most genuine part of Portugal in the stones of their street and houses: the authenticity of its people and the pride of a 900-year-old history. There are twelve in total.
Through D. Dinis and D. João, important Kings, with great importance in the Historic Villages of Portugal, Pedro Álvares Cabral, who discovered the sea route to Brazil and was born and raised in one of the Historic Villages, and also the people who lived in these Villages, we take the viewer on an intense journey through the Villages, exploring the sight, hearing and heart. Through the construction of its own environment, magical, mysterious, but also intense and passionate, the goal was to create a narrative that is magnetic and captivating for those who see the film and to take the viewer in a disruptive manner to unique locations in the world and to an unrivaled history.

Country Portugal
Aldeias Históricas de Portugal
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Goals of the film

The territory of the Historical Villages of Portugal (AHP) is recognized as a set of elements that differentiate it, namely, those associated with their material identity, based on architectural and natural heritage, and immaterial elements, relating to the historical and cultural heritage, influenced by the framing of the Historical Villages of Portugal in the physical environment and geographic location. The goal of this film is to highlight and promote clearly and objectively the enormous historical wealth of these Villages, the importance and the history of each stone, of each street, of the people who lived in them and made history in Portugal and in the World. It is a unique territory and product in the world, with an energy and identity felt in the skin and in the heart, which must be visited and enjoyed by anyone from anywhere on the planet.

Target Group

“National and International
Man and Women
Ages between 20-70
Any economic class”

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