It's only 3 days

It’s only 3 days



Pedro decides to take a trip, with friends, through the center of Portugal. Initially, it was “only 3 days”. But he quickly realizes that “only 3 days” is not enough to discover the diversity and richness of the destination. He ends up “getting lost” because of how much there is to see, do and know. And the trip, planned for just 3 days, becomes a journey of reencounter with yourself, a trip in which, at each stop, you unite more with the destination and its traditions, with “its people”, ending up feeling an enormous difficulty to return home, even if the longing increases. He feels that the places he visits, and the people he crosses paths with, want his time and he wants “just one more day”. In the end, he realizes that this trip takes on a whole new meaning with the presence of those he misses most: his family.

Country Portugal
Turismo Centro de Portugal
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Agency Lobby Films and Advertising
Goals of the film

Following Turismo Centro de Portugal’s communication strategy for 2023, and all demand trends, the film “It´s only 3 days” is positioned in the human and learning dimension. Tourism promotion is like a cube with 6 different faces, in which each of the faces is made known, one at a time, creating layers of information that complement each other and become one.
Following the path of the film “Center of Portugal is too much”, which aimed to cement what the Center of Portugal has to offer, in a more mainstream way, using known places, and more common and everyday narrative situations, “It´only 3 days” explores a destiny face that is still little known.
It explores the human face, the people, the knowledge, the close experience, the tradition, and the unique places and identity that this territory has. It seeks a territorial truth, in an almost mixture between fiction and documentary, through a warm and emotional narrative, which intertwines family, friends and a growing and magnetic passion for the territory and its people.
A film in the form of a road-trip through the real Center of Portugal, without make-up, sometimes accompanied by friends, sometimes alone and sometimes by people we get to know.
It is a film of emotions, of genuineness, of close contact with the people of the territory, a film that explores human relationships in the tourist experience, which is increasingly of immeasurable value.
Without ever focusing on a specific part of the territory, and never trying to sell or identify spaces or places for free, it is a film with a human dimension, unique, that approaches Turismo Centro Portugal in a way that has never been done before, and that manages to take the true soul and heart of this territory to the spectator.
It is a film for everyone, which intends to reflect a common soul, which exists in every corner of this incredible region, without worrying about showing, more or less, one or another place.
It’s a people film, introspective, that also talks about sustainability, about humanity and about life and how it should be lived. Happy and full of good memories.

Target Group

This video is addressed to Portuguese people and people from all around the world, who seeks to know genuine destinations, traveling by themselves, with friends or with family. People that concerns with questions like sustainability, sense of belonging, and “to leave everything better than he first found it”.

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