No Football, No Worries (Series)


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Italian football legend Andrea Pirlo is in Qatar for the World Cup. But, sadly for Pirlo, his beloved Italy has not qualified so are not playing. Luckily, Qatar offers a huge range of wonderful emotional experiences beyond just football for him to enjoy.
In each of our seven films we see Pirlo in what appears to be a classic football context (playing, coaching etc) but then pull back to reveal he is enjoying yet another of Qatar’s world-class attractions. No football? No worries.

Country Qatar
Qatar Tourism
Agency BBDO
Goals of the film

While the world watching on TV could see Qatar has 8 incredible football stadiums, we also wanted people to know there was more to enjoy in Qatar than just football. We aimed to ensure that, when the FIFA World Cup was over, the world’s travellers would know all the great emotional experiences on offer, and would visit Qatar for all its many other wonderful attractions
We wanted to showcase as many different Qatari attractions as possible. And also to appear in as many World Cup matches as possible so we could target more nationalities. So we chose a media strategy of shorter lengths but higher frequency. These seven short (10” and 15”) spots enabled us to massively increase the number of football fans we could talk to.

Target Group

Global premium travellers watching the FIFA World Cup on TV. We wanted them to go from seeing Qatar as a place that hosts exciting sporting events to realising all the many ways in which they will Feel More In Qatar.
And we had also identified six different travel motivations or ‘demand spaces’ which Qatar could address brilliantly. So we developed tailored work to talk to travellers with very different mindsets: Sun, Sea and Sand; Active Adventurers; Culture Enthusiasts, Luxury Seekers; Rest and Relaxation; and Romance. Whoever you are and whatever holiday you’re after, we could show Qatar had something for you beyond just the football

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