Portuguese Central Way to Santiago. This is the Way

Portuguese Central Way to Santiago. This is the Way



Portuguese Central Way to Santiago. This is the Way.
A promotional video, that results from the consortium of 4 municipalities, Ponte de Lima; Barcelos; Paredes de Coura and Valença, that points to the singularity of the Portuguese Central Way to Santiago, a medieval religious pilgrimage route, that has become a contemporary quintessential experience. A unique way built by the pilgrims faith for over the past thousand years, that efortlessly crossed many centuries and thousands of generations of men an women from the four corners of the world.
A way that stands today as a unique experience of spiritual, cultural and human dimension!

Country Portugal
Consorsitum of: Municipality of Ponte de Lima; Municipality ofBarcelos; Municipality of Paredes de Coura; Municipality of Valença
Lightbox Film&Adverstising
Agency Razão Estratégia, Criatividade e Gestão da Comunicação
Goals of the film

The Portuguese Camino de Santiago is the second most traveled Camino de Santiago, the oldest of the Portuguese Camino, which has been traversed over centuries by all kinds of pilgrims, driven by faith, adventure, spirituality, curiosity or challenge. 
This is therefore the primitive Portuguese path, the path of history, legends and memory. 
Four of its municipalities have come together to jointly promote it and ensure that the legacy continues to pass from generation to generation. 

Target Group

From 15 to 80 years, men and women.

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