Romaria d'Agonia

Romaria d’Agonia



“There is a heritage to be passed on. And a story to be told.
(…) This is why … We are all Romaria!”
A film that speaks of memory and future. It speaks of the city of Viana do Castelo, where one of the world’s greatest traditional festivals (Romaria) occurs. During August, the city is filled by millions of visitors that have missed it and that want to live one of the most intense Portuguese festivals.

Country Portugal
VianaFestas - Associação Promotora das Festas da Cidade de Viana do Castelo
Ponto de Vista - Produções Audiovisuais | Golpe Filmes
Agency N/A
Goals of the film

This film portrays the sense of community lived in Viana do Castelo, since, every year, people feel the need to work together and prepare the greatest “Romaria” ever, and fill the streets with colour and joy. It highlights the people that “shape” and fully live the “Romaria da Senhora da Agonia”, also portraying what makes it so unique. When we talk about “Romaria”, we don’t only talk about present generations, we talk about them all, as if a thread connected us from the past to the future.

Target Group

This film aims to reach all generations that have closely lived the festive apotheosis of the city and that have also participated in the creation of new future memories.
This Festival is a gathering point where people can dwell and feel Viana do Castelo. The most pious ask the Lady for another year of protection, the most joyous give happiness and movement to the streets, the tourists are dazzled by the beauty and authenticity of it all. It is the soul of the city revealed to the world.

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