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The film follows a young tourist and her friends on an exciting journey through the famous and hidden destinations in Serbia. On this trip, she meets history, traditional and contemporary culture, natural beauties, local tastes, active challenges, sights, festivals, …
Film discovers unexpected experiences and less-explored destinations in Serbia, alongside national iconic landmarks and attractions. Authentic high-quality video, original music, and narration show Serbia as an all-year destination.

Goals of the film Target Group

The main goal is to support positioning Serbian tourism on the domestic and international markets and show the comparative advantages of Serbia with respect to tourism, such as the country’s geographical location and historical, cultural and natural identity. Sub/goal is to motivate and attract potential travelers from all over the world.

All tourist categories, Tourism Organizations, Travel Agencies

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  • Production type

    Promotional Films

  • Client

    National Tourism Organisation of Serbia

  • Production company

    Nira PRO

  • Agency

    NIRA Pro

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