Sweden (not Switzerland)

Sweden (not Switzerland)



The film addresses the constant mix-up of Sweden and Switzerland, this happens all of the world even by world leaders and organizations and also by global travelers. The film, that has a humorous tone, starts with a woman that in an official style, inspired by Noble prize announcement, addresses the leaders of Switzerland in an attempt to end the worldwide mix-up of Sweden and Switzerland. The Swedish spokes person suggests that the two countries shall divide who owns/talk about what. The film, led by the spokesperson, go through a number of examples showing what you as a tourist can experience in Sweden in contrast to Switzerland, for example Switzerland gets banks and Sweden gets sandbanks due to Swedens long coastline, Switzerland gets mountain tops (the alps) and Sweden in return get rooftops (bars). The film ends with an appeal to Swiss officials that we once and for all end the confusion – by directing them (and all viewers) to visitsweden.com to see and sign the full proposal.

Country Sweden
Visit Sweden
Bleck Film
Agency Forsman & Bodenfors
Goals of the film

Create awarness of Sweden as a destination international by telling the story of the constant mix-up with Switzerland in a humorus and engaging way, and getting the story out through earned media.

Target Group

Global travelers with an interest in nature, culture and culinary travel, global approach but with focus on our target markets UK, US, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

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