Tadej Pogačar training for TDF in Slovenia. This is my way of freedom. My way of enjoying life.


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Tadej Pogačar, the wonder boy who stunned the cycling world by winning the most prestigious cycling race, Tour de France, two times in a row (2020, 2021), reveals the secret of his success and how he feels connected with Slovenia. “These landscapes shaped the way I cycle,” he says with an ever-smiling expression on his face. The story of the “Pogi star,” often nicknamed, is a story of remarkable energy, team spirit, and astonishing natural beauties found in Slovenia – few countries can compare in terms of natural diversity, which makes Slovenia one of Europe’s most astonishing natural playgrounds. Sports unite us here, and Slovenian athletes are the most excellent ambassadors. This video brings you closer to this remarkable energy, which is felt by Tadej Pogačar and his childhood friends from his »Pogi Team« while riding along the most impressive and demanding cycling routes in Slovenia after a long and demanding season abroad. “This is my way of freedom. My way of enjoying life,” he concludes, showing the viewer his remarkable cycling playground and Slovenia as an outdoor destination.

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Goals of the film

The main goal of the video is to show Slovenia as an outdoor paradise through the eyes of a great ambassador of Slovenian tourism, one of the best cyclists in the world, Tadej Pogačar. The promotion of Slovenia as a sports and outdoor destination suitable for sports events, team preparations, and diverse outdoor activities is very important. Slovenians have sports in their blood, and the number of very successful athletes proves that. The aim is to present Slovenia as an outdoor playground for all those interested in pristine nature and diverse activities, from beginners to professional’s stages.

Target Group

The group of people addressed in the video are all Slovenian and foreign visitors who are fans of an active way of life, who love to explore new things, and who see Slovenia as a perfect part of the world to do so.

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