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The Perfect Shot



Introducing ‘The Perfect Shot’ – a cutting-edge YouTube series by Switzerland Tourism, featuring four talented travel photographers from around the globe. In this fast-paced autumn expedition across Switzerland, Siddhartha Joshi (India), Sean Dalton (USA), James Popsys (UK), and Lizzie Peirce (Canada) embark on a mission to capture the essence of Switzerland amidst diverse challenges. Each influencer is strategically sent to a different region of Switzerland – one to the East, one to the South, one to the West, and one to the North, offering viewers a comprehensive glimpse into the country’s varied landscapes and cultural nuances. Through five captivating episodes, viewers will witness the beauty and cultural richness of Switzerland through the lenses of these charismatic creators, as they overcome creative obstacles and strive to achieve the perfect shot, adding an exciting dimension to their photographic journey. This multi-regional approach ensures that viewers are exposed to as many different aspects of Switzerland as possible, making ‘The Perfect Shot’ a holistic exploration of this breathtaking destination.

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Goals of the film

In this innovative format, we redefine the travel experience by presenting Switzerland as more than just a picturesque country – it’s an adventure waiting to unfold. Switzerland, with its breathtaking landscapes, hidden gems, and cultural richness, becomes the star of our show. ‘The Perfect Shot’ goes beyond the conventional travel documentary, employing a surprising format that captures the essence of Switzerland in every frame. Our series isn’t just about presenting Switzerland; it’s about elevating the @MySwitzerland YouTube channel to new heights. We’re committed to taking our viewers on a visual journey that not only inspires wanderlust but also sets a benchmark for travel content.

Target Group

We carefully selected our target markets. We’re prioritizing the UK as our main market, with a keen focus on Canada, the US, and India as secondary markets. The target audience for our YouTube series includes individuals in the 20s to 40s age range, especially those with a good understanding of social media dynamics. The focus is on people who have a genuine interest in photography, authentic experiences, outdoor activities, and cultural discoveries.

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