The road awaits

In world’s history, just a few generations had to join together to keep going and face big crises, life is full of emotions and today, we live in a world where our vulnerability is remembered every minute, for that reason it is crucial to live along with it, with a firm conviction to appreciate its beautiful side, where the road becomes part of the journey.
The call is made: In Baja California the road awaits.

Goals of the film Target Group

Highlight all the emblematic places of Baja California, to generate the desirability of visiting and knowing the places that the State offers them.
Invite cross-border tourists to know and discover the wonders of Baja California, through the different types of tourism that they can enjoy.

People interested in knowing in depth the Baja California State, promoting the different paradises that we can offer, to people between 25 and 65 years old, with a socioeconomic level that allows them to know, travel and enjoy the by land.
People interested in extreme tourism, adventure, gastronomy; and that he travels alone, accompanied, with friends or family.

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  • Production type

    Promotional Film

  • Client

    Secretaria de Economía Sustentable y Turismo de Baja California.

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