Time to #stayhome. Turn to nature and dream.



“The video »Time to #stayhome. Turn to nature and dream.« was created by Slovenian Tourist Board in collaboration with the author, director and internationally-acclaimed photographer Ciril Jazbec, and his TENT production crew. The original footage was shot before the COVID-19 crisis, but with the new situation where everyone was obliged to stay home, the raw footage was edited for a completely new video, and a new storyline was written.
It is a special hello from Slovenia, a call from the lands of ancient forests, bears, and rushing waters, a country that is living hand-in-hand with nature. Due to a sustainable lifestyle, Slovenia preserved its natural and cultural heritage from the Alps to the Pannonian Plains and the Mediterranean Sea.
During the COVID-19 crisis, having a positive attitude and being able to dream is a great way to keep our spirits alive. Closing our eyes and letting our imaginations run free is the closest thing to travelling in these times. Soon, we will be able to travel again. For now, while staying home, turning back to nature feels simply natural and soothing.
The video gives us hope that the beauties of Slovenia and the world will be waiting for us as we learn how to cherish them in a completely new way. Nothing should be taken for granted anymore. With the video Slovenia was encouraging the world to dream about a green future. The video story, filled with mindfulness in nature, has captured the world’s attention. The emotional message from the Slovenian Tourist Board, with its pledge to live and travel responsibly, inspired thousands of social media users.”

Country Slovenia
Slovenian Tourist Board
Tent film
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Goals of the film

“In light of events caused by the COVID-19 crisis, the key message of the video is to stay home, so we can travel tomorrow. The goal of the video is to call on social responsibility, reminding of the importance of health and safety. Emphasizing the true life values and connection to nature.
The video aims to inspire. Inspire travellers to dream about Slovenia’s beautiful places and hidden corners. It invites them to FEEL Slovenia and plan a visit in the future when the time is right.
On a bigger scale the video aims to spread positivism and bring hope for a better tomorrow. It inspires the audience with the amazing stories of Slovenia and encourages them to embrace the nature of this beautiful green planet.”

Target Group

The video’s target group are travel enthusiasts whose journeys were put on hold due to the COVID-19 crisis and who are looking for their next green destination offering green and unique experiences. Another target group are followers of the I Feel Slovenia social media channels and other travellers who in tough times needed to feel a bit of positivity and inspiration, hope for better times.

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