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“Discovering South Africa Through Trevor Noah’s Heartfelt Journey”

The Trevor Noah Tourism Campaign is not merely about showcasing South Africa’s wonders; it’s a heartfelt voyage guided by the emotions of pride, belonging, and a deep-rooted love for one’s homeland. Trevor Noah, the beloved comedian with a global footprint, embarks on this journey driven by a profound connection to his South African roots.

Through the partnership with the Tourism Business Council of South Africa (TBCSA), Noah infuses each video-advert with a palpable sense of pride in his country. His infectious enthusiasm mirrors the deep emotional connection he feels, inviting viewers to share in the awe and wonder he experiences every time he thinks of South Africa.

At the campaign launch, held at The Leonardo, Africa’s tallest building, Noah’s genuine love for his homeland becomes the driving force behind his narrative. His passionate storytelling touches on cherished memories, revealing a side of South Africa that’s rich in culture, natural beauty, and warm hospitality.

The emotional core of the campaign lies in Noah’s earnest desire to share South Africa’s beauty with the world. His advocacy for the tourism sector isn’t just about attracting visitors; it’s a heartfelt plea for others to experience the love and warmth he received from his country before exploring the world.

As Noah reminisces about his upbringing in South Africa, his sentiment echoes in every frame of the adverts. His words carry the weight of genuine affection, inspiring a yearning in viewers to witness the splendor of South Africa through his eyes.

The emotional resonance extends beyond the promotional aspect; it’s about bridging cultures, breaking misconceptions, and fostering a global community united in appreciation for the uniqueness and diversity of South Africa.

Trevor Noah’s partnership with TBCSA transcends a mere promotional campaign; it’s an emotional journey that invites the world to embrace the heart and soul of South Africa, igniting a desire to create lasting memories in a land cherished by a beloved global figure.

Country South Africa
Tourism Business Council of South Africa (TBCSA)
Seriti TV
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Goals of the film

The film, a pivotal component of the “Trevor Noah Tourism Campaign For South Africa,” stands as a beacon of excellence in destination marketing. Seamlessly blending humour, cultural insights, and the magnetic presence of global icon Trevor Noah, this production embodies a multifaceted approach to achieve its objectives. With a laser focus on promoting South Africa’s tourism, the film eloquently showcases the country’s diverse cultural tapestry, breathtaking landscapes, and thrilling adventures. Through Noah’s charismatic narration and captivating engagement, the film adeptly inspires global audiences to consider South Africa as their next travel destination.
Beyond its entertainment value, the campaign’s overarching goals encompass not only boosting visitor numbers but also fostering economic growth, job creation, and social media engagement. For every 7 travellers who visit South Africa 1 sustainable job in tourism is created. In a place where SA’s unemployment rate is officially 32,9% (with the extended unemployment rate sitting at 42.4%) we have the potential to effect great change.
The country’s travel and tourism sector is expected to grow at an average rate of 7.6% annually over the next decade. This collaborative effort between Trevor Noah and the Tourism Business Council of South Africa is an exemplary model of leveraging celebrity influence for a purpose-driven, impactful marketing initiative.

Campaign specific KPI’s:

Facebook & Instagram:
Total Impressions: 40 833 333
Monthly Impressions: 10 208 326
Weekly Impressions: 2 552 081

Twitter – X
Total Impressions: 6 249 967
Monthly Impressions: 1 562 491
Weekly Impressions: 390 622

Tik Tok
Total Impressions: 11 250 000
Monthly Impressions: 2 812 500
Weekly Impressions: 703 125

Google Displays
Total Impressions: 30 769 199
Monthly Impressions: 7 692 300
Weekly Impressions: 1 923 074

Total Impressions: 24 999 983
Monthly Impressions: 6 249 996
Weekly Impressions: 1 562 498

Target Group

The campaign is targeted at travellers from markets such as Germany, United Kingdom, and the United States of America. It is our hope that this initiative will inspire many to take advantage of our diverse tourism offering by visiting South Africa.

Generic digital targeting:

Age: 21+ Location: USA, UK & Germany
Language: English
Parental status: All + unknown
Marital status: All + unknown

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