Maria had a dream…A passion that burned deep inside of her…To become a professional footballer and play for her home team of Vizela. Her commitment to being on par with the demands of a male pro football team, meant that she had to sacrifice everything she had… After all, there is no glory without pain, there is no courage without fear.
Maria’s story is one of self-belief and personal conquest. Set in the city of Vizela, it draws a parallel to the long and hard struggle that the people of Vizela endured for its independence.

Goals of the film Target Group

Young international FIT, domestic Portuguese travelers, Spanish short getaway travelers

To showcase Vizela as a young, vibrant and warm welcoming city with plenty of sports, wellness, food and culture offerings to its visitors.

  • Country


  • Production type

    Promotional Films

  • Client

    Municipality of Vizela

  • Production company

    Nelson Carvalheiro

  • Agency



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