Welcome to Baja California


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Welcome to Baja California
Somewhere between the calm Sea of Cortez
and the adrenaline of the Pacific Ocean.

Drive along the beach watching the sunset on Rumorosa highway.

Welcome to the mountains and eight wine valleys, come and walk over the valley of thousands of giant cacti waiting for your best snapshot.

Come and see how the night is illuminated by a blanket of stars, or by the neon lights of the of the restaurants and bars on Avenida Revolución.

Welcome To Baja the home of Mexican wine. Of craft beer. Of lobster, oysters, and local seafood. Where you can also find the best steak tacos of your life and visit the birthplace of the Caesar salad.

This is a place unlike any other. Where the earth extended an arm along the ocean. Where the mountains tamed the desert sun and made a paradise in valleys.

Welcome to the vibrant and multicultural arm of Mexico. Its people and nature welcome you.

Welcome to Baja California, where everyone is always welcome.

Country Mexico
Secretaria de Turismo de Baja California
Agency MW
Goals of the film

The objectives of this campaign are:

1- Make it known that everyone is welcome and that we are ready for them to visit us.
2- develop a sense of identity that makes the inhabitants of the region proud.
3- Show what differentiates us from other regions.

Target Group

The public for this campaign is people from 30 to 60 years of middle economic class. Who seek to visit a place with variety in open spaces and have contact with nature and a world-class gastronomic experience.

Fax: +43 (1) 505 53 7
Mob: +43 (1) 505 53 3719
Email: [email protected]

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