From Idea to Reality: Just Between Us
by CIFFT on 28 July 2023
From Idea to Reality: Just Between Us
by CIFFT on 28 July 2023

Following the rubric From Idea To Reality, let’s explore the creative process behind the captivating tourism video from the Center of Portugal: "Just Between Us."

The video aims to unveil the very essence of the Center of Portugal and establish this remarkable region as a must-visit destination for its own people, the Portuguese.

Stretching across an expansive area, the Center of Portugal offers an unparalleled array of experiences. From its delicious cuisine to its beautiful beaches, stunning mountains, peaceful countryside, and fascinating history, anyone who visits this place will surely be captivated by its charm.

The promotional video "Just Between Us" has been awarded World's Best Tourism Film, securing an extraordinary third place in the Tourism Regions category.

In this captivating case study, we delve deep into the origins of the idea behind "Just Between Us.", produced by Ideias Com Pernas - Creative Films and Bang Bang Creative Shots. We uncover the strategy and ambitious goals that drove its creation. Furthermore, we shed light on the challenges encountered along the way and the remarkable results achieved through this video.

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From Idea To Reality – The Creative Process 

“Just Between Us” was a conceptual idea developed by Bang Bang Agency, as a response to the Turismo Centro de Portugal challenge: a communication campaign, to promote the inner characteristics of the Center of Portugal region and all the tourist assets that could be found here, and in no other destination.

It is always a great challenge to create a concept and develop an idea about the bigger and most diverse touristic region of Portugal. So, in our briefing, we have mentioned the importance of the alignment to the post-pandemic consumer tendencies: the need for proximity between people, the search for places with a low populational density that could guarantee sanitary issues, and also present the mature and new tourism products.

The Goals and Strategies

This is a very funny video, with meanings that could only be achieved by our audience: the Portuguese people. The title, “Just between us”, it´s a very typical Portuguese expression that shows intimacy and trust between people. So, it was a very intelligent way of bringing people together and being understood by our main audience. To make people laugh and smile. To contribute to our main goal: to become a love brand and create an emotional bond with our public.

Just Between Us_4

The Challenges

This was a very complete campaign centered on the video. We have created different kinds of videos, in different formats, for digital marketing campaigns and for TV. But, we also have made promotions offline, outdoors on the main highways of Portugal, in newspapers (regional and national), magazines, etc.

We also have created a podcast with this name, “Just Between”, searching for new and original ways of promotion and to achieve a great number of people (this is a weekly podcast, and we are now on the 112 episode). We have also made radio campaigns (on two of the major national radios), and branded content in some of the most relevant national publishers. So, the biggest challenge was how to have great results with a limited budget.

The Results

This campaign was very effective. From 28/04/2022 (when the campaign was presented) until 31/05/2022 (when it was presented the new campaign), we achieved +58,5% of sessions on our website, +57,4% of new users; and it was consulted 2,15 pages per session. For example, our video had more than 10K views on YouTube, 60K views on Facebook, with more than 135K people achieved, reaching 5,2K reactions.

“The new trend of promotional videos, has been the reason for the increase in tourist flows due to the discovery of new motivations on the part of tourists, as well as the fact that they present a diversity of tourist activities that make this segment quite appealing and differentiating.

Media products turn out to be a means of transmitting information about places and destinations that are little or not known at all, which makes the main and biggest film and television productions provide a constant journey and, for some, films and series can even take them to travel to the places where they were filmed.

We are assisting the great development of techniques to make the most powerful promotional videos ever, and it´s the big bet from DMOs from around the world. It’s crucial to have a great script that could positively impact the public and provoke the desire to visit those destinations.”

Adriana Rodrigues, Head of Communication, Image and Public Relations at Center of Portugal Tourism Board


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