From Idea to Reality: Future Looks Bright
by CIFFT on 31 July 2023
From Idea to Reality: Future Looks Bright
by CIFFT on 31 July 2023

Welcome to the captivating world of "Future Looks Bright," a romantic short film set against the stunning backdrop of Crete, Greece. Produced by Xperience More for Anemos Luxury Grand Resort, this exceptional campaign is a testament to the timeless charm and optimism that defines the island.

But this is not merely a nostalgic journey. Prepare to be captivated as the Cretan Couple transcends the boundaries of time, arriving in the future at the Anemos Luxury Grand Resort. It is here that the magic truly unfolds.

At its core, this short film serves as a powerful promotional tool, beckoning travelers to experience the allure of Crete and the unmatched hospitality offered by Anemos Luxury Grand Resort. Its immersive storytelling and breathtaking visuals evoke a sense of wonder, enticing potential visitors to embark on their own extraordinary adventures on the island.

"Future Looks Bright" further affirms its exceptional quality and effectiveness as a tourism film, garnering the esteemed title of the World's Best Tourism Film, with first place in Tourism Services.

Through this case study, we invite you to uncover the strategy and ambitious goals that propelled the creation of this extraordinary video. Gain deeper insights into the challenges faced along the way and discover the results achieved through this remarkable project.

Watch now Future Looks Bright - Anemos Luxury Grand Resort

From Idea To Reality – The Creative Process 

Future Looks Bright is a romantic short film from Crete full of optimism. The creative process for the film started with the initial idea of showcasing the destination of Crete and the Anemos Luxury Grand Resort by using a unique storytelling approach. The use of a time machine as a plot device added an element of excitement and mystery, while the portrayal of the Cretan couple as relatable characters helped to build a connection with viewers.

The Goals and Strategies

The main goal of the short film is to promote the destination of Crete and the warmth of Cretan Hospitality. The strategy of the short film is to use storytelling to create an adventurous tale that excites viewers and potential visitors. By showcasing a unique time adventure against the backdrop of the Cretan countryside featuring life on the island from the last century, the film captures the attention of its target audience and transports them to a different time and place.

Future Looks Bright - Anemos Luxury Grand Resort

The Challenges

“Future Looks Bright” was filmed during the difficult period of Covid-19, with the aim of showcasing a positive side of life to potential travelers who may have been feeling discouraged about the prospect of travel during the pandemic. The short film aimed to give viewers hope and inspire them to consider traveling to the unique destination of Crete in Greece, where they could enjoy their stay at the Anemos Luxury Grand Resort.

The Results

The short film has helped to raise awareness about the Anemos Luxury Grand Resort and the destination of Crete by succeeding with thousands of clicks on YouTube and social media. The positive and optimistic story showcased the beauty and hospitality of Crete, making it an attractive destination for potential travelers.  The creative and unique story of the short film has helped to engage potential travelers and inspire them to plan their next vacation to Crete. The emotional connection with the characters has made the target audience feel more connected to the resort and share the short film on their social media.

“The special highlight of "Future Looks Bright" that makes it important for the travel industry is its ability to showcase the warmth and uniqueness of Cretan hospitality, which has been passed down through the centuries. The short film highlights the enduring qualities of Cretan hospitality, which is a crucial aspect of the travel experience for many tourists. By showcasing this aspect of the destination, the short film helps to promote the value of travel to Crete and the experience of staying at the Anemos Luxury Grand Resort.” Lefteris Vantarakis – CEO. Anemos Luxury Grand Resorts


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