From Idea to Reality: Zagreb Sports Story
by CIFFT on 04 August 2023
From Idea to Reality: Zagreb Sports Story
by CIFFT on 04 August 2023

Zagreb, the heart of Croatia, proudly embraces its sports soul. The promotional video "Zagreb Sports Story" aims to showcase the incredible potential of Zagreb as a destination for both sports enthusiasts and tourists.

The video produced by Šanavala for the Zagreb Tourist Board invites all visitors to become part of the city’s sports story, showing that what sets Zagreb apart is the harmonious coexistence of its natural beauty and thriving sports scene.

This case study uncovers the secrets behind this successful campaign, including the strategy and ambitious objectives that led to its creation, the challenges faced during the process, and the impressive results achieved.

Prepare to be inspired by the captivating fusion of sports and tourism in Zagreb, a place where passion and athleticism meet the allure of a remarkable capital city. Let's dive in!

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From Idea To Reality – The Creative Process 

Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, has a sports soul. Apart from its history, filled with numerous sporting achievements, and famous sports personalities who were born or lived in it, this fact is also manifested throughout numerous sports clubs and associations that actively and passionately live sports.

Being unable to show all the clubs and associations that Zagreb has in less than 2 minutes – we wanted to present the togetherness of these clubs and individuals, no matter what sport they play, via unique jersey with the signature of the city (that the actors in the video proudly wear). The jersey is a metaphor that shows the whole of Zagreb as a big sports club. A club that celebrates sportsmanship with every training, but also with every success of each of its athletes, recreationists, residents who are also in love with all sports and sports activities, and facilities/venues that this city offers. The highlight is the importance of healthy lifestyle, sports and recreation in our everyday lives, but also in a niche sport tourism.

The Goals and Strategies

The main goal of this video is to connect and highlight Zagreb’s tourist and sports potential. The uniqueness of Zagreb comes from the fact that these two things do not exclude each other. Beauty and sport in Croatia’s capital really do come together!

The beauty can be found on every corner, in every detail. Also, its most famous sights are ideal for activities and sports in general. That being said, the whole Zagreb is actually one big venue, a beautiful playground, a true all-sports club (with its identity embedded in a unique jersey that all athletes can wear). Therefore, our target group are people who want to get a lot by keeping it petite. Who want to mix, not exclude. They are regular tourists and athletes in one. Their spirit is oriented on results, whether that refers on number of impressions, memories, pictures or steps, kilometers, trophies… And from that perspective, Zagreb can challenge them and surely deliver by living up to their wishes and expectations.

Zagreb Sport Story

The Challenges

Showing the emotion, not (only) the unique sites. Presenting togetherness and unity, instead of specific, well-known, sports facilities in Zagreb. In fact, in the film - the whole city becomes an inclusive "playground" that invites with all its details to activity and enjoyment.

The Results

Zagreb Sport Story is the integral part of the sport website Zagreb Tourist Board created. The site has more than 300 visits per month and around 188 new users in the same time period. Although most of the website visits are from Croatia, there is a great number of visits from the United States followed by users from Germany, Italy, France and Austria. Website is up to date with every sports story from Zagreb or related to the same. Also, the film won the Silver star award in the category “City International”, at the International Tourism Film Competition “Das Goldene Stadttor”, at the ITB Fair, Berlin, 2023.

“Zagreb proved itself on several occasions as an excellent host to numerous Croatian and international sports competitions, including various world championships and world cups. Our city also offers amazing indoor and outdoor facilities for professional, amateur and recreational sports as well as for athletic preparation options to Croatian and foreign athletes. Considering the growing importance of Croatia’s capital as a modern destination for sports and the need for further positioning of Zagreb in the sports tourism segment, the video shows all the uniqueness and beauty of the city, general and sports wise. Zagreb as a sports city and, in this video, as a club with its identity - invites all the visitors to become part of its sports story.”,  said Martina Bienenfeld, PhD, the director of the Zagreb Tourist Board.


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