From Idea to Reality: Alps at their very best
by CIFFT on 07 August 2023
From Idea to Reality: Alps at their very best
by CIFFT on 07 August 2023

In the captivating promotional film "Alps at their very best – You can't fit more summer into your holiday," Zell am See-Kaprun unveils a whole new dimension of product diversity. Through the artful use of split screens, this video beautifully encapsulates the extraordinary fusion of glacier, mountain, and lake that defines the region.

The journey begins at the awe-inspiring Gipfelwelt 3000, nestled within the Kitzsteinhorn glacier—also known as the TOP of Salzburg. From this vantage point, viewers are treated to a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding mountain range, showcasing the very essence of Zell am See-Kaprun's unrivaled natural beauty.

Be it hiking or biking, the video entices its audience to immerse themselves in the splendor of the panoramic mountains, encouraging an active exploration of the region. And what's more, the experience is further elevated by the region's summer card, offering an array of exciting activities.

This captivating video was produced by Hello München GmbH for Zell Am See-Kaprun Tourismus GmbH, with the intention of showcasing the region's diverse range of offerings and igniting excitement for the summer season.

Find out more about the creative process behind the video in the case study.

Watch now Alps at their very best – You can't fit more summer into your holiday
From Idea To Reality – The Creative Process 

In order to live up to the region's premium image "the best that winter and summer have to offer for your vacation", we developed the matching claim "Alps at their very best". The campaign merges the unique scenic combination of glacier, mountain, and lake - i.e. "Alps at their very best" through split screens or content-related image transitions. The premium claim was also taken seriously in the production: selected models and athletes, a selected styling, and of course, the right weather conditions.

The Goals and Strategies

The aim of the video was to make the region more attractive to tourists than comparable destinations that enjoy a higher vacation image, e.g. the Mediterranean coast. Also, to address each target group equally and to convince them of the diversity of the region. For this purpose, we use especially realistic, emotional moments in which users can put themselves into and get a longing for the vacation feeling.

A clear definition and differentiation of target groups were of enormous importance in our extensive strategy process. Our target groups: The outdoor sportsman and adventurer, the enjoyable active holidaymaker, and the cool families. We produced different videos for the different target groups, always tailored to the respective target group.  We have professionalized video production specifically for the target groups and also created adapted formats for each marketing channel. That's over 400 different videos/formats in total.

Alps at their very best - You can't fit more summer into your holiday
The Challenges

- Producing outdoors, taking advantage of the best weather conditions, is a challenge for any production because you have to be as flexible as possible - which is simply not easy in a production of this scale.

- There are three different target groups with different tourist interests, which should all be connected and equally represented in an image clip

- We offer many different products, offers and attractions in our region. It is not always easy to focus on the most important or to decide what to present. Here it is important not to lose focus.

- With the video Alps at their Very best, we want to and have presented ourselves internationally as a premium destination. To really reflect the premium aspect in the video was certainly a challenge that we mastered.

- Music: finding music that matches the brand and music that reflects the brand.

- Also, the financial component: high-quality productions are expensive.

The Results

Since we have been producing campaign-specific videos, we have seen a significant increase in KPIs, both online and offline. Here is an example: KPIs of the past winter campaign:

- 12,466,667 social media interaction
- 77.131.702 digital reach
- 265,324 landing page visits
- More than 400 video formats
- 26.015 conversions
- 96% thru play videos

Another example Out of Home / Moving image / Videos: OUTDOOR ADVERTISING THROUGHOUT EUROPE - Digital screens and large out-of-home spaces at the highest-reach locations in Europe. Example given: Prague = 1,200,000 visual contacts

"It is clear that the trend from static images to moving images is continuing. This development already started a few years ago, and we immediately picked up on the trend - as you can see from the KPIs. The social media channels Instagram and Tiktok serve as a good example here - where there used to be only static images, there are now videos. The most important thing for us is the variation in the videos, i.e. having many different videos that appeal to the target groups. The wider the range of moving image/videos offer, the better.” Eva-Maria Bürgler, Head of Marketing Zell am See-Kaprun Tourism

Holidays in Zell am See-Kaprun mean relaxation, freedom, enjoyment of nature, and action at the same time. All at the same time? All at the same time! And yet everything in its time. Check out the latest Summer 2023 campaign.


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