Republic of Srpska – Nothing much, but much more
by Hugo Marcos on 09 February 2021

Although it is not popular, Republic of Srpska, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a destination with an immense variety of natural resources and a rich cultural heritage, which has a lot to offer to its visitors. This is what shows the new promotional video from the Republic of Srpska Tourist Organization, titled “Nothing much, but much more”.

As can be seen at the beginning of the video, in Republic of Srpska, the tourists that they see are those flying over them. On the bright side, that is the only man-made object in this part of Europe. They kept their nature untouched.

With a sense of humor, an honest and engaging message, the video invites the viewers to explore the natural treasures of Republic Srpska, which shelters a unique ecosystem, the only rain forest in Europe, the second-largest Canyon in the world, and much more.

The images are fantastic and “Nothing much, but much more” brilliantly translated the destination atmosphere to the screen, demonstrating its variety of attractions, and the pride and hospitality of the local community.

The Republic of Srpska is certainly a perfect destination for those who are looking for an adventure of a lifetime in a unique place in Europe.

In the Grand Prix CIFFT Circuit 2020, a competition that brings together the World’s Best Tourism Film Festivals from 4 continents, “Nothing much, but much more” received important awards at The Golden City Gate - ITB, ITFF Bulgaria, Tourfilm Riga, Terres Travel Festival, International Tourism Film Festival Turkey, US International Film&Video Festival, Silafest, Zagreb TourFilm Festival, FILMAT Poland, Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards, and Amorgos Tourism Film Festival.

The film also won the prestigious award of World’s Best Tourism Film in the promotion of Tourism Destinations Regions.

These awards show how important the video is for the promotion of tourist destinations, increasing its visibility and prestige.

To know more about the creative process behind the video, we spoke with Ana Lakić, Senior Expert Associate in the Republic of Srpska Tourism Organization.

Watch now “Nothing much, but much more”

The creative process of “Nothing much, but much more”

Interview with Ana Lakić, Senior Expert Associate in the Republic of Srpska Tourism Organization.

  1. What challenges did you intend to overcome with the video Nothing much but much more?

We are relatively unknown as a tourist destination, and this area is still connected to the events of the 90s. With the video Nothing much but much more, we wanted to show in this interesting and humorous way what we can offer and thus overcome the eternal question of: Are you in Europe? What do you have over there?

Republic of Srpska/Bosnia and Herzegovina is well on its way to being profiled as a destination with countless locations for a great active holiday, without much standard luxury but with authentic experience and fantastic offer of staying in nature. The message the film sends is that we invite everyone to get to know one great destination that is in Europe and has a great offer that most of tourists still don't know so much about and that it's an opportunity for everyone to take advantage of.

  1. What's the purpose of the video?

The purpose of the video is to draw attention to this destination and create a positive image by creating such an honest promotional film.

  1. Who is your target audience?

With this video we wanted to attract tourists from Europe, especially the western parts with which we have a relatively good traffic connection. We wanted to attract active individuals, those looking for adventure, contact with nature and an authentic experience in a preserved natural environment. 

  1. What is the key message of Nothing much but much more?

Precisely the fact that we are part of Europe with an equally rich natural and cultural heritage but still with an authentic and preserved nature, and without too many tourists.

  1. What emotion are we trying to evoke?

“Nothing much, but much more” just sends an open message of sincerity, a bare truth with a dose of humor at our expense, and we thought that this will be enough to arouse curiosity among tourists.

  1. What specific visuals should be captured by the viewer?

Beauty of the nature, lot of adventure, cultural sites, and the people!

  1. Is your video part of a campaign? If yes, can you please describe?

This video was part of the “Visit For More” campaign.  This campaign included whole new branding of Republic of Srpska as tourist destination, as well as creating a new visual identity. The campaign included a new logo, slogan, video, website, social media accounts, and we could say a completely new way to promote our destination.  



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