YouTube’s Role in Destination Image Creation by Hrvoje Jakopović
Who is Hrvoje Jakopović? Assistant professor in the Department of Strategic Communication at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Political Science. I am dedicated to research and teaching in the...
Teamwork, intuition, daring and insights. The success of Brand Scotland and its message of love towards Europe.
Who is Santi Valldepérez? Santi Valldepérez is Documentary filmmaker, Consultant and Producer.He is Graduate in Audiovisual Communication from Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona, Spain, 2001). Student of the Master's in Communication...
How important is travel video marketing for the European Tourism after COVID-19?
Who is Eduardo Santander? I am proud to be the Executive Director of the European Travel Commission (ETC), an association of National Tourism Organisations (NTOs) created in 1948 to promote...
Time for Center of Portugal… Interview with Pedro Machado
Who is Pedro Machado? President of the Regional Tourism Entity, Turismo Centro Portugal, the most diverse portuguese tourist region. He has a great appetite for knowledge, he is an entrepreneur...
How Tourism Brands are using video during Covid-19 pandemic?
“Yet again, the strong economic performance of Travel & Tourism provesthe power of the sector as a tool for governments to generate prosperity while creating jobs around the world.”Gloria Guevara Manzo,...
Tourism Marketing through the pandemic crisis by Chris Torres
We are facing a global crisis due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We experienced an unprecedented situation: people lockdown at home, airports and borders closed. The world was forced to stop...
European Tourism Sector Demands Urgent Supportive Measures To Reduce Devastating Impact Of Covid-19
The European Tourism Manifesto alliance, the voice of the European travel and tourism sector, has issued the following statement on the implementation of urgent measures to limit the COVID-19 oeccutbreak’s...
Latvia and Abu Dhabi are The Grand Prix CIFFT 2019 Winners
Latvia and Abu Dhabi are The Grand Prix CIFFT Winners of the 31st “Festival of Festivals” Grand Prix CIFFT 2019 On November 12th the Grand Prix CIFFT was held for...
Lee Gluckman Jr
Interview with Festival Director, Lee Gluckman Jr. – US International Film & Video Festival
Who is Lee Gluckman Jr.? CIFFT president and chairman of US International Film & Video Festival, Mobius Awards and Producers Group, Ltd.All three entities are based in Redondo Beach, California....
The Flamenco’s Capital! Madrid, Madrid, Madrid…with Luis Medina
Who is Luis Medina? Born in Córdoba and settled in Madrid from a very young age, he is part of 3 generations in the world of communication. At the age...

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